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One Summer Morning

(A short story I wrote last summer. Enjoy ;)

A cool gentle breeze crept into the room as I stood there looking at her. She smiled at me, eagerly anticipating what was to come. My eyes moved from her face and down to my hard earned prize. I had been working hard for four months and finally it was time to reap the benefits of my labor. She teased me by covering my prize with her hands. I smiled and put my hand on top of hers. I began to caress her hand and she let out a nervous giggle.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself. I lifted her hand and looked at my prize; something was different, knowing what I was about to do changed how I viewed it. I ran my fingers ever so slightly over it and was surprised by how cold it was. She just sat there and watched me. I leaned in to better familiarize myself with that particular scent. Had it really been two years since I last had one? I looked back at her and saw that she was beginning to grow impatient.

I knew t…

Game Review: Quake 4 (PC)

Overall: 9.0      First Time Playing: 9.5   Visual: 10         Sound: 9.0        Music: 9.0        Control: 10
Console: PC (HP Pavillion dv6000)                 Difficulty: Corporal (Normal)    Time: 10 hrs
Quake 4 is a magnificent FPS that has held up well.  The visuals, tight controls, creepy ambient sound, and fitting, though scarce, music, make this a great game to jump into at any time and a great game for any first time FPS players (though the learning curve may be a bit steep for first timers).
I had played the original Quake (shareware version) back when it first came out and never got past the first level.  Also due to the fact that I was a technology idiot when I was young I never got to play online though my friend Armando would tell me about how he would shoot people in the face who were playing around the world.  I eventually got the game for N64 and could never get passed the fourth map, until I realized the cheat code for god mode was just naming your file with the quak…

About My Video Game Reviews...

Like most people, I like to think that I am different.  Because of this I decided to spice up my video game reviews by adding a separate score to the game; First Time Playing (FTP).  This score will most likely be different than the overall score because with the FTP score, I judge the game as if it's the first type of game in that genre that I have ever played.  For example I am going to post a review for the First Person Shooter (FPS) Quake 4, and the FTP score represents what I would rate that game if it was the first FPS that I ever played.

I am adding this score because I have read too many reviews where a great game gets a crap score because "it's more of the same".  What reviewers don't realize is that this game may be the first of its kind to be played by a person and as such is not "more of the same".  I am also adding this score because I am a better writer/gamer than most reviewers out there and this is a way for me to express that. 

It Has Begun!

Hello Internet people!  This blog will provide you with video game and movie reviews (maybe even concert reviews), as well as serve as a place where I can post the short stories I write, or movie ideas I plan to film.  Who am I to try and keep such a blog?  If your asking that then clearly you didn't read the blog header.  I am a writer and a filmmaker along with an avid gamer, movie goer, thrill seeker, and any other adjective that describes the modern day twenty something male.  Also I am Hispanic (and Latino) so anything I post is instantly deemed as cultured or coming from an exotic background.  I will try to post 3 or 4 times a week with either reviews or stories I have written.  When I am filming a project I will post pictures and plenty of copyrighted/NDA type material.  Hope you enjoy and please leave comments, especially if you like to troll or start flame wars. 

P.S. The title of this post is from the late Mr. Tsung