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About My Video Game Reviews...

Like most people, I like to think that I am different.  Because of this I decided to spice up my video game reviews by adding a separate score to the game; First Time Playing (FTP).  This score will most likely be different than the overall score because with the FTP score, I judge the game as if it's the first type of game in that genre that I have ever played.  For example I am going to post a review for the First Person Shooter (FPS) Quake 4, and the FTP score represents what I would rate that game if it was the first FPS that I ever played.

I am adding this score because I have read too many reviews where a great game gets a crap score because "it's more of the same".  What reviewers don't realize is that this game may be the first of its kind to be played by a person and as such is not "more of the same".  I am also adding this score because I am a better writer/gamer than most reviewers out there and this is a way for me to express that.