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One Summer Morning

(A short story I wrote last summer. Enjoy ;)

A cool gentle breeze crept into the room as I stood there looking at her. She smiled at me, eagerly anticipating what was to come. My eyes moved from her face and down to my hard earned prize. I had been working hard for four months and finally it was time to reap the benefits of my labor. She teased me by covering my prize with her hands. I smiled and put my hand on top of hers. I began to caress her hand and she let out a nervous giggle.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself. I lifted her hand and looked at my prize; something was different, knowing what I was about to do changed how I viewed it. I ran my fingers ever so slightly over it and was surprised by how cold it was. She just sat there and watched me. I leaned in to better familiarize myself with that particular scent. Had it really been two years since I last had one? I looked back at her and saw that she was beginning to grow impatient.

I knew then that it was time for some action so I whipped out my tool and approached my prize with my apparatus in hand. I took my blade and penetrated the skin. She bit her lip as I continued deeper and deeper into my prize, never taking my eyes from it. I was amazed at how red and juicy it was and almost lost myself as the aroma it produced intensified.

When I finished I could no longer control myself and buried my face in it. The sweet liquid it produced ran down my face and onto my shirt but I didn't care, I was in heaven.

Lost in my own world, she reached out and grabbed my tool; she had grown tired of waiting and took the initiative. After some handy work on her part, she too was immersed in this summer ecstasy and we were both oblivious to the world around us and all of its social norms. By the time we finished, our hands and faces were sticky from the mess we created and we were both satisfied. Before we went to wash up, she told me something that I would never forget: “Let's use forks and plates the next time we eat watermelon”.


  1. Hahahahahahaaaa! I remember you telling this story before--loved it!

  2. hilarious... ^^ thought watermelons in the summer was a black thing...apparently not!:P

  3. @Shapi(e)ro
    I have another story with the same type of style in involves a game boy.

    Who said the main characters aren't black? OH!!!!


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