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Who am I Gonna Call?

Where to begin. It seems that I either have proof of someone squatting in my house or something may be lurking in the shadows, unhappy to have to deal with new tenants.
Before I go into what happened I will mention that I personally am a believer of supernatural and paranormal phenomenon (ghosts, aliens, Good & Evil, Christopher Walken, etc). That having been said, I must clarify that I don't believe every single story I hear. In fact I am sure that 90% of most stories are people misunderstanding natural phenomenon or people just wanting attention. Yet I do believe that there are those 10% of cases where all the evidence points to an answer that can only be found beyond the natural.
I moved into my current house (townhouse actually) at the end of this past August. I had moved out of an apartment right before graduation and was temporarily living at my mom's. I was looking for a place to live and found a relatively cheap townhouse in Forest Glen. When I went to v…