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Reviews of Reviews: The Infiltrator

I experienced shortness of breath followed by a mild panic attack when I realized that my local movie theater would not be doing an early screening of this film. I would have to break routine and see the film at a different theater. Anytime I break my routine and try something new, it ends in disaster. This would not be any different.
Arriving at the theater 40 minutes early due to an unusually punctual Metro would have catastrophic consequences for my well-being. I waited in the lobby as the staff cleaned the theater. I avoided eye contact with everyone that I could. That is until I saw her.

Reviews of Reviews:Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Before I went into the movie theater I decided to redeem a reward coupon for one free soda. Yes, the very same reward coupon from last week. The cashier encountered a problem running the reward coupon. I said “don’t worry, I can wait.” A line started to form behind me. He continued to punch in codes, averting his gaze from the ever growing line.

Reviews of Reviews: Independence Day Resurgence

Happy to roll out the first episode of a new show I am doing: Reviews of Reviews. I look at reviews of current and past films and see if the reviewer actually did their job of informing moviegoers on what to expect and what is worth watching on the silver screen. What makes me an expert? My internet connection!