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Reviews of Reviews: Independence Day Resurgence

Happy to roll out the first episode of a new show I am doing: Reviews of Reviews. I look at reviews of current and past films and see if the reviewer actually did their job of informing moviegoers on what to expect and what is worth watching on the silver screen. What makes me an expert? My internet connection!

Today I look at the reviews for Independence Day Resurgence. It had been a few months since I last went to the movie theater. I was entitled to a free popcorn and soda due to my membership card but I turned down the offer. The concession attendant looked at a me in bewilderment, clearly never having faced rejection. I'm not sure yet if I regret that decision and though it does not keep me up at night it forever haunts my subconscious. Enjoy the first episode!

The reviews for this movie, with one exception, are bad. But cheer up, you can see the first Independance Day in a variety of ways:

Rent/Buy Digital Version of Independence Day

Buy DVD/Blu-Ray of Independence Day

Reviews in Today's Episode:

Time Magazine Review of Independence Day Resurgence

Rolling Stone Review of Independence Day Resurgence

New York Times Review of Independence Day Resurgence

Wired Review of Independence Day Resurgence