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Reviews of Reviews: The Infiltrator

I experienced shortness of breath followed by a mild panic attack when I realized that my local movie theater would not be doing an early screening of this film. I would have to break routine and see the film at a different theater. Anytime I break my routine and try something new, it ends in disaster. This would not be any different.

Arriving at the theater 40 minutes early due to an unusually punctual Metro would have catastrophic consequences for my well-being. I waited in the lobby as the staff cleaned the theater. I avoided eye contact with everyone that I could. That is until I saw her.

Our eyes locked for half a second. Too long for either of us to pretend that we were perfect strangers. In that brief moment we recalled seeing each other every day in high school.  Walking to different classes, waiting for the bus, being forced to work together on some project. Neither of us were interested in the other. We never talked socially just occasionally being in the same room due to the fact that our friends would hang out in groups.  

After that eternal half moment we went our separate ways. Neither of us being able to stomach forced conversations about how we’ve been and what we were going to go see. Of course I wish my tale ended there. We continued to run into each other, coming out of the restrooms, at the concession stand, at the same screening of this film!

I knew that she must have thought me to be some sort of stalker. She must have thought that she had become an obsession of mine. This I tell you was not the case! She would be so lucky for me to spend more than a minute recollecting anything about her. Though I didn’t know her well, I knew she would think me a creep. This ate away at me, devouring any sense of self-worth I may have clung onto.

As the trailers illuminated the audience I could see from the corner of my eye that her disdain for me only grew. A cold sweat befell my broken body. I gripped my seat handles tight. Once the film was over, I knew what I had to do