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Diner Thoughts Episode 1: #BehindThePast

This week the gang gets together and orders two bacon cheeseburgers, one omelette with ham and American cheese, a slice of cherry pie, and a strawberry milkshake.

Highlights Include: 
  • Celebrating holidays backwards (trick or treating on Valentine’s Day) 00:00:00-00:02:04
  • Colonoscopy, fear of brain tumors, meaning of teeth dreams  00:05:26-00:15:30
  • Grover’s revenge against Moi, working at a porno store 00:20:05-00:28:10
  • Denzel Washington in the next Naked Gun movie, Ryan Reynolds not funny in Adventureland 00:34:22-00:43:49
  • Tom Hardy beat us up in high school, SUPER EXCITED FOR GHOSTBUSTERS REBOOT (wish Hilary Clinton could direct it) 00:43:15-00:53:00
  • #BehindThePast, Wages for questionable jobs, #IHateGreg  00:59:01-01:10:55