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Showing posts from October, 2016

Sweet Saturdayz: Starburst Gummies

This week we try Starburst Gummies! I was shocked that people didn’t like orange or lemon. Is this true? What’s your favorite flavor? Also can I have your number?

Friday Vlog: My Birthday

This week you’re invited to the most sensational event of the season, my birthday! Join me and my diverse group of friends (it’s like a 90’s kids tv show!) as we head on over to an adult arcade…I mean a casino. Yes that’s right, I walk down our modern day “El Dorado” to win big! I will even show you a few expert tips.

Sweet Saturdayz: Almond Joy

This week we try the candy that everyone loves and everyone is allergic to…Almond Joy! Hershey Company made this? Wow, they make a lot of sweets. I will warn you that something so shocking is said in this video it might cause your monocle to fall so I implore you to please be seated while watching this episode. Also, do you like Almond Joy? I’d really like to know. We don’t talk anymore…

Top 5 Game Breaking Chess Moves

Ever wanted to beat the school bully in a battle of wits? Tired of not getting that special lady at the bar? Constantly kept back by glass ceilings? Well now you can solve all of your problems by becoming a chess master with these simple moves! These are incredibly simple but may require multiple viewings before you can truly master them. Let me know how well these moves work for you. See you at the Olympiad!

Sweet Saturdayz: Zero Bar

This week we take a bite into Hershey's Zero Bar! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cover a Tootsie Roll in white chocolate fudge? No? Why not? What are you doing with your life? I can tell you what you're're watching us try this delicious treat, making your life sweet!