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Friday Vlog: The Dilemma

This week I get to show you the valuable lessons I learned while hanging out with the boyz. Also I finally have money in my pocket but....what do I spend it on?!? A car? Making a new film?! This sure is one heck of a pickle.

Hi, I'm That Latin Dude and my world is a little different. Join me I work a typical 9 to 5, moonlight as a writer/director, and navigate the strange world we live in.

Kirk and Jerry: The New Vest

Kirk is amazed and left speechless by Jerry's new vest. But how Jerry got the vest will leave Kirk in shock!

Sweet Saturdayz: Kit Kat Bar (Give Me a Break!)

This week we delight our taste buds with possibly one of the best sweet treats out there...Kit Kat! Also one of us commits a savage act that can't really be forgiven. Also we love Michael Keaton. How do you eat a Kit Kat? Come to think of it, Kit Kat is the Michael Keaton of candy bars.

Reviews of Reviews: The Great Wall

The first big block buster of the year but reviewers are hating on it. Do they have a point? No, of course not! Watch the video and find out why.

This episode has reviews from:

The Telegraph

The Silver Spleen


Sweet Saturdayz: Valentine's Day Special

Happy Hallow....Valentine's Day! We wanted to make this episode special due to the holiday so we are reviewing three sweet treats!

Reviews of Reviews John Wick Chapter 2

Happy to be back this week with a new episode of Reviews of Reviews John Wick Chapter 2! Most of the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive but have they been honest? Click and find out!

Friday Vlog Episode 7 The Elephant in the Room

What a year 2016 has been. I got to make some great shows for you but there is of course the elephant in the room. I knew I eventually had to talk about this. Things get real. But I also share a short film I made so I hope you enjoy!

Kirk and Jerry Coping With Celebrity Death

Jerry has become emotional and irrational due to the untimely passing of celebrities and musicians. Kirk explains why people form a strong bond with celebrities. Kirk also shares his experience meeting Robert De Niro.