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Sweet Saturdayz: Oreo Peeps

Happy Easter! Sorry we’re a bit late (it’s still technically Easter…). This week we are trying Oreo Peeps! We also let you in on the best way to have them…with Hazelnut creamer! Have you tried these Peep treats? Let us know in the comments.

The New District: Rent is Due on the 5th

The New District is a stoner-noir dark comedy I started working on a couple year's back. This is the pilot (well pilot of the pilot) that helps set the tone of what the series will be like. I'm hoping to get this series in production some time next year. Let me know what you think!

Reviews of Reviews: Ghost in the Shell 2017

Ghost in the Shell was….meh at best. I knew of the cult following but didn’t know anything about the original 1995 film. The reviews for this 2017 live-action film on the other hand are hilarious! Had a lot of fun putting this one together. Even found reactions from Japanese people! Let me know what you thought of the film and the reviews. Did Scarlett Johansson pull it off?

This episode has reviews from:

What the Flick?!


Link to reactions of Japanese people:
The Japanese Man Yuta